Your donations to Learning from the Legends help to provide a strong musical education to students who can’t afford private instruction.

Learning from the Legends is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. We use the funds you donate to give our DVDs to libraries and schools at no cost to them.

To donate, please visit our Non-Profit Facebook Page and click the Donate button near the top. Thank you for helping us bring the dream of quality music education to students around the world!

  • On behalf of the Vermont Department of Libraries, I would like to thank the producers of the Learning from the Legends DVD’s to Vermont public libraries. Libraries in Vermont have a variety of formats for resources and materials and this donation will be utilized. As a small and rural state, there are not many locations that have a Red Box DVD selection and in some locations connectivity to handle streaming from a variety of online services such as Netflix is non-existent. Many of our small and rural libraries continue to have strong demand from Vermonters who come in to check out DVD’s! Vermont libraries share a cherished and beloved place in the hearts of Vermonters. This donation is a commitment to helping provide formats for all Vermonters who wish to use the public libraries for literacy, labor, leisure. Access to services and formats are the first keys to knowledge and this donation is a wonderful way to share your success with Vermont libraries, by way of the Vermont Department of Libraries. This responsibility has taken on a more serious consideration with the advancement in technology sensing the youth of today are more drawn to electronic gadgets, there can be a digital divide for some Vermonters. I know we all understand that technology must change, but this has allowed Vermont to allow those who still wish to use other formats to have continued access. This allows Vermonters to be included in obtaining materials that provide education, entertainment, and unique quality of life!

    Jason Broughton

    State Librarian of Vermont/Commissioner of Libraries